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MSC Cruises to Become First Carbon Neutral Cruise Line

  • Aiming for zero emissions in the future
  • Purchasing blue carbon credits that support coastal habitats

  • Introducing a new LNG ship that reduces carbon emissions

  • Committed to preserving & researching coral on our private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

Fastest-Growing Bonded NVOCCs in the World

OL USA provides superior global logistics solutions every day, every minute. We offer our clients an optimal combination of industry relationships, leading supply chain technology, and exceptional customer service through creative, individualized logistics solutions. OL USA streamlines global commerce with our vast array of services and network of agents in over 140 countries, making us truly local, around the world.

Logistics at the Speed of Thought

Founded in 1982 by Kamil Barlın as a customs consultancy office in Karaköy, Istanbul, Barsan is today a global brand that gives integrated logistics service with 81 logistics centers in 39 countries in a vast geography from the United States to China, from Europe to Asia.
With our giant operational strength at 81 different locations in 39 countries, we offer all logistics services needed by the business world.

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Make a Play to Help Reduce Your Company's Impact on Coral Reefs


Have your company commit to take action to reduce its carbon footprint.  Go paperless, recycle, use renewable energy, reduce single-use plastics and more. Click on our Action List.

Share the campaign with your employees via social media. Create a video of your action and challenge your suppliers and clients to reduce their impact on coral reefs. 

To support Super Coral buy your employees a bracelet that is handmade from recycled fishing nets salvaged from the ocean or donate to a coral restoration organization or university.

Help Restore Coral Reefs


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