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MSC Foundation, in collaboration with Nova Southeastern University, University of Miami and other partners, is establishing a unique joint coral reef research program aimed at rebuilding the reefs at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve by helping them cope with climate change through the use of Super Coral, which is naturally more tolerant to marine heat waves, one of the biggest threats to coral reefs around the world.
Coral Nursery

In the future, we plan to plant a coral nursery on Ocean Cay, under the guidance of the Perry Institute of Marine Science, and world-renown scientist Ken Nedimyer, the founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation and Reef Renewal.

Once those Super Corals in the nursery mature, they will be planted into the reefs surrounding the island to help rebuild those reefs. Ocean Cay is the ideal place for this Super Coral research as the corals found in shallower waters naturally experience warmer temperatures and make for some of the best candidates for propagating and cross fertilizing these heat-resistant genotypes.

Throughout the process, we will be adding additional articles and videos explaining the process of how coral is selected as Super Coral, the techniques used to propagate these Super Corals and the methods used to plant the coral in the degraded reef shown by trained restoration divers.

This invaluable research and coral planting on Ocean Cay is designed to become a global model and inform coral reef restoration around the world.

That’s why we need your continued support. Our commitment to you is that every Super Coral bracelet sold will help protect our oceans and help fund this research.
The Future of Our Coral Reefs Is Up to Us
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Find out how leading marine biologists and graduate students are on a mission to research Super Coral on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas and provide a lifeline for coral reefs for future generations to come.

Coral that appear resilient to warming oceans and may survive environmental changes are called Super Coral. Researchers are trying to identify these corals and how they can be used in conservation efforts aimed at protecting the future of reefs.

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