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  • 100% of proceeds support coral research & coral reef restoration efforts

  • Will create healthy nurseries where the corals grow and in time harvested back onto the reef, where they take hold, reproduce and spread.

  • Will rebuilding & transplant super coral to areas severely affected to ensure proper regrowth.


Your Donation supports Super Coral Research

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will become a base for marine biologists and graduate students to conduct scientific research into Super coral restoration. MSC Foundation, working with scientists, universities and local partners, plans to establish a coral nursery in waters around Ocean Cay. The goal will be to create a thriving reef by transplanting coral to depleted areas to ensure growth and a revived habitat.
In early 2016 global water temperatures rose dramatically. Reefs were damaged across the world. Recent projections show that by the year 2040 most coral reefs will be gone.  But we can make a difference if we start "Now".  The research that will be done at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve brings a ray of hope that will push forward new and innovative coral gardening techniques to start rebuilding reefs across the world, and train others to do the same. 

These donations support coral restoration at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution or business expense.


MSC Foundation in partnership with the Miami Super Bowl 2020 Host Committee Ocean to Everglades (O2E) Initiative invite you to help stop coral bleaching and support Super Coral resistant to warming oceans and pollution.
MSC Foundation is partnering with universities, marine biologists, environmentalists and the Bahamian government to research and develop Super Corals that are more heat resistant to temperature change on Ocean MSC Marine Reserve, MSC’s new eco-friendly private island near Bimini in The Bahamas. In a bid to stop coral bleaching, the MSC Foundation’s coral reef restoration efforts are already underway in Ocean Cay’s 64-square-mile marine reserve, including the relocation of 400 corals and plans for a coral nursery for replanting the reef.


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