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Super Coral Play BraceletSuper Coral Play BraceletSuper Coral Play BraceletSuper Coral Play BraceletSuper Coral Play Bracelet

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  • 100% net proceeds support coral research & coral reef restoration efforts through the MSC Foundation, and its partners, including the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University 

  • Handmade from abandoned fish nets found in the ocean

  • Magnetic stainless steel clasp

  • Packaged in cotton reusable eco-pouch

  • Watch video on how our bracelets clean up the oceans



The Super Coral Play bracelet is handmade from abandoned fishing nets found in our oceans that are being salvaged by over 150 scuba divers worldwide. These “ghost nets” float through the oceans and suffocate marine life, becoming deadly traps that entangle animals such as dolphins, seals, whales and sea turtles. If left in the ocean, these ghost nets eventually decompose into dangerous micro plastics, harming our coral reefs and marine life that mistakes these floating particles for food.  We need to do something different that will help raise awareness and empower us to take care of our oceans and natural ecosystems that serves a real purpose on our planet.
Each Super Coral Bracelet is handmade with sustainable materials and vegan glue in Germany by Bracenet. 100% net proceeds of all the bracelets sold supports Super Coral research by University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University and coral reef restoration efforts  on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas. Ocean Cay will become a base for marine biologists and graduate students to conduct scientific research into coral restoration. In the future, a coral nursery will be planted in waters surrounding Ocean Cay that will be used to grow and transplant healthy corals to depleted areas to ensure growth and a revived habitat. When you buy a bracelet, not only are you helping clean up our oceans and help save our marine life, but also you are giving coral a fighting chance. Show your support to help save coral by buying a bracelet today.

These donations support coral restoration at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution or business expense.


MSC Foundation in partnership with the Miami Super Bowl 2020 Host Committee Ocean to Everglades (O2E) Initiative invite you to help stop coral bleaching and support Super Coral resistant to warming oceans and pollution.
MSC Foundation is partnering with universities, marine biologists, environmentalists and the Bahamian government to research and develop Super Corals that are more heat resistant to temperature change on Ocean MSC Marine Reserve, MSC’s new eco-friendly private island near Bimini in The Bahamas. In a bid to stop coral bleaching, the MSC Foundation’s coral reef restoration efforts are already underway in Ocean Cay’s 64-square-mile marine reserve, including the relocation of 400 corals and plans for a coral nursery for replanting the reef.


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